Bring attendees closer to the speaker no matter the language.

Any event in any language

Increased Optionality
The Mixhalo network is capable of supporting a virtually unlimited number of concurrently connected listeners. Additionally, listeners can seamlessly switch between languages in real-time.
Drive Digital Engagement
Drive fans to your app with Mixhalo’s lightweight SDK, which includes both the Mixhalo AI Interpretation and Mixhalo Moments features. Attendees can share videos with professional quality audio in any language, serving as an advertisement for your event.
Translation & Transcripts
In addition to interpretation, Mixhalo can also translate the audio into text so participants can follow along in real-time if they forget to bring their headphones or read a transcript if they miss the speech.
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Removing language barriers through A.I.

Now, leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence, we generate foreign language interpretations and stream them directly to the smartphones of attendees at any conference or other live event.

Using the camera to share it all

With Mixhalo Moments™,  fans can add studio-quality sound to their video recordings before sharing them on social media. A Mixhalo Moment is a time-limited, short-form video that automatically features Mixhalo’s crystal-clear audio – perfectly synchronized with the performance. Fan videos have never sounded better.

SDK Integration

Our mobile apps in both iOS and Android are tried and true. They leverage native features, and are skinnable. Our SDK has been integrated by the likes of MLB, NASCAR, TSX, and others. Drive engagement with your app by implementing the Mixhalo SDK.