Cracking the code on latency

To build Mixhalo, we had to invent a real-time streaming platform that could beat the speed of live sound – consistently and at massive scale.

Those proprietary, ultra-low-latency technologies have since unlocked new, immersive experiences across the entire live events ecosystem.

unlocking FAN EXPERIENCES like never before

We launched Mixhalo in live music, working with artists like Pharrell, Incubus, and Metallica to deliver every note at studio quality – and allowing fans to isolate their favorite band member or instrument.


Bringing low-latency audio to sports

We then partnered with sports teams and leagues to deliver multiple channels of real-time content, including home/away broadcasts, Spanish commentary, and celebrity broadcasts.


Removing language barriers through A.I.

Now, leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence, we generate foreign language interpretations and stream them directly to the smartphones of attendees at any conference or other live event.

MIXHALO Translate →

Using the camera to share it all

To allow fans to capture these experiences, we built a camera that embeds pristine audio directly into the videos fans take at live events.

Partnering with the best in the business

To deliver these technologies globally, we’ve partnered with L-Acoustics. Our suite of products will soon be available via the L-ISA Processor.