The future of live music is here

Automatic Encryption
Mixhalo audio is encrypted and only available within the venue. If users attempt any unauthorized recording, the app will shut down automatically.
Quick & Easy Set Up
Given its compact nature, finding a home for the Mixhalo server is simple - and setting it up is even easier. All tours need to do is connect a L+R feed to the Mixhalo server for each feed they wish to make available to fans.
Maximize Revenue
Artists can drive net-new revenue by offering Mixhalo as a general admission ticket add-on or as an upgraded VIP experience. Mixhalo and Mixhalo Moments also represent brand new sponsorship assets that artists can sell against.
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Using Mixhalo’s patented time-alignment technology, the wireless system instantly broadcasts HD audio at scale, in real time. No lag and no perceivable latency.

Using the camera to share it all

With Mixhalo Moments™,  fans can add studio-quality sound to their video recordings before sharing them on social media. A Mixhalo Moment is a time-limited, short-form video that automatically features Mixhalo’s crystal-clear audio – perfectly synchronized with the performance. Fan videos have never sounded better.

SDK Integration

Our mobile apps in both iOS and Android are tried and true. They leverage native features, and are skinnable. Our SDK has been integrated by the likes of MLB, NASCAR, TSX, and others. Drive engagement with your app by implementing the Mixhalo SDK.