mixhalo-powered music

Redefining the live experience with customizable audio and never-before-imagined content.


Why use Mixhalo for your live music event?

High-quality audio in real time

Mixhalo-powered events provide high-quality audio to large-scale audiences in real time. Additionally, Mixhalo’s dynamic latency system time-aligns audio at any desired location, such as a listening lounge, concourse area, or dressing room.

Custom, closed wireless solution

Mixhalo is a real-time, network-based data delivery platform. The proprietary Mixhalo signal doesn’t travel along the same routes of other data feeds; thus it does not depend on nor interfere with existing networks.

Audio experience for live music

When premium audio is untethered from location at live experiences; new opportunities emerge. Build onstage VIP seating or offer an audio upgrade in the nosebleeds. Customize the listening experience with volume control and tune into another stage or a specific band member with the multi-mix feature.