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Our solutions integrate and adapt to your event's needs.


Permanent Venue Install

Our permanent install product is great for venues with many events per year across multiple verticals. Whether it is a basketball game, concert, musical performance on ice or speaking engagement, attendees have access to the same great sound, directly from the soundboard to an app on their own phone.

Temporary Deployment

Whether it is attendees far away from the stage or VIPs enjoying a sponsor activation booth, fans have access to sound directly from each stage sound board to an app on their own phone.


Types of events Mixhalo can power.


How can we make your awesome event even better?

Custom, closed wireless solution

Mixhalo is a real-time, network-based data delivery platform. The proprietary Mixhalo signal doesn’t travel along the same routes of other data feeds; thus it does not depend on nor interfere with existing networks.

High-quality audio in real-time

Mixhalo-powered events provide high-quality audio to large-scale audiences in real time. Additionally, Mixhalo’s dynamic latency system time-aligns audio at any desired location, such as a listening lounge, concourse area, or dressing room.

Never-before-heard content

Mixhalo is pioneering a new realm of unprecedented live content, such as the conversation on the court, in the dugout or at the 50-yard line.

Audio experience for conferences

Mixhalo streams all live panels throughout an event, freeing conferences from the limitations of traditional sound systems. Attendees can freely roam a venue, seamlessly switch between panel feeds and adjust volume - all on their own phone.

No more third-party headsets

Mixhalo transforms an attendee’s smartphone and headphones into a state-of-the art interpretation device, allowing event organizers to seamlessly support multilingual audiences.

Play-by-play direct to attendees’ ears

Mixhalo offers multiple channels of play-by-play direct to attendees’ ears.

Reach more people, faster, farther

When crowds span city blocks, a PA system only delivers the message to those within earshot. Mixhalo does the opposite by streaming high-quality audio to thousands of attendees in real time.

SDK & Sponsorship

Offer attendees Mixhalo features within your existing platform and support your event’s bottom line with sponsorship opportunities for specific content streams.