Real-time audio direct to every phone

Pristine audio is captured at the source. No complicated set-up required.

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Mixhalo’s wireless system transmits HD audio at scale in real time. No lag and no perceivable latency.

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Delivered directly to phones/headphones. No extra equipment needed.

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Venue Flexibility

Permanent Install

Perfect for multi-use venues hosting sporting events, conferences, ice shows, speaking engagements, (or whatever!) all year round.

Temporary Deployment

Leverage Mixhalo for temporary events such as festivals, and pop-up sporting events. We can adapt our tech to fit your event needs and timeframes. 


Partner with Mixhalo to bring your VIP experience to the next level. Deliver soundboard audio to your fans, unlock multiple channels, give a shoutout from backstage. Mixhalo is the ultimate fan engagement technology.