The Mixhalo app for Stern Grove Festival.

Studio-quality sound.
No matter where you're seated.

Mixhalo is a free app that gives you studio-quality sound throughout Stern Grove Festival—at the picnic tables, in the West Meadow, even up in the trees! Mixhalo was created by artists for fans. On stage, artists wear "in-ears" (aka custom headphones) to hear live audio in its purest, most high-fidelity form. We wanted to unlock this “artist listening experience” to everyone, so we built an app for it.

Using Mixhalo is easy.

How to use Mixhalo. 1. Download Mixhalo, 2. Open the app, 3. Put on headphones and hit play!

Remember your headphones!

For the best experience, use wired earbuds or headphones.

Mixhalo FAQs