20 Years of Make Yourself And Beyond... 2019 Tour
Mixhalo + Ultimate VIP On Stage Upgrade Package
Mixhalo is part of your Ultimate VIP On Stage Upgrade Package
Join Brandon, Mike, Kil, Ben, and Jose in your VIP exclusive onstage seat in the middle of the action. From your unparalleled vantage point, you will enjoy privileged access to studio-quality audio direct from the Incubus mixing board via Mixhalo audio technology. Upon entering the stage, you will be handed a Mixhalo companion device and Shure SE215 In-Ear Headphones for use during the concert. With Mixhalo, you will hear the show the way the band does, with multiple crystal-clear custom mixes delivered direct to your ears.

How to use Mixhalo
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Mixhalo FAQs

What is Mixhalo?

Mixhalo is a high-quality, real-time audio platform that democratizes and unifies the live experience, from the front row to the nosebleeds. Developed by Incubus’ own Mike Einziger, Mixhalo makes the in-ear monitor “artist listening experience” available to fans. As HDTV revealed a level of seeing that most people didn’t imagine was possible, creating a point of no return to standard definition, Mixhalo delivers a clarity and depth your ears will crave. 

How does it work?

At a normal show, live audio generated by the band is sent to a soundboard. The front of house engineer tweaks the sound to ensure that it matches the artists' vision for the song and then sends it to the PA (the big speakers hanging from the ceiling). Mixhalo takes that same audio and broadcasts it over WiFi instead, ensuring that you get the best quality audio directly to your ears using only headphones and companion device. 

Why? Aren’t there are already giant speakers blasting the music?

Because we believe that fans deserve better audio. Because we are passionate music lovers who want fans to connect to their favorite artists in the most intimate way. PA systems still have to send audio data over the air to your ear. Once audio leaves a speaker, it immediately starts to degrade. Mixhalo solves this loss of quality by using modern WiFi technology and proprietary real-time audio engineering to ensure that you see and hear every moment, the second that it happens, in perfect clarity. 

Won’t it be too loud to hear through the headphones?

As part of your Ultimate VIP On Stage Upgrade Package, you will be provided Shure SE215 In-Ear Headphones, which provide excellent isolation. In other words, they block out external noise like earplugs while simultaneously delivering studio-quality audio direct to your ears. You'll still feel the vibration of the bass and drums, plus we mix in just the right amount of crowd noise so the experience of being at a live show is not lost - instead, it's enhanced.

How do I pick up my Mixhalo device and headphones before the show?  

When you enter the stage with your VIP host, you will be handed a Mixhalo device and headphones. Hosts will be available throughout the show if you have questions.

What do I do with my Mixhalo device and headphones after the show?

On your way out, simply hand back to a VIP host who will be waiting to collect them.